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Image by Alexandre Van Thuan


Global Learning at Scale.

Scale programs to unreached markets through innovative technologies and marketing strategies.



Scaling Education and Enterprise Innovation

Evangelism Program

Event Marketing

Corporate Partnership

Org Overview:

Galvanize is the Learning Community for Technology. Inside its network of 8 campuses, there are thousands of startups growing, students taking web development and data science courses, and enterprises tapping into the innovation. Galvanize recognizes that talent is evenly distributed, but opportunity is not - our programs make it possible for anyone with drive and determination to turn their ideas into reality.

Our Work:

We oversaw efforts for lead generation, revenue, partnerships and brand growth for the national network of tech campuses. We were responsible for implementing national partnerships with companies like Google, Silicon Valley Bank, IBM, Amazon, Booz Allen, Salesforce, Pivotal, Cisco, AT&T, achieving $5M in revenue, 15,000 events, and over 500,000 individuals engaged.



Growing Loyalty Through Branded Events and Experiences

Community Strategy
Event Marketing
Impact Technology

Org Overview:

LivingSocial is an Amazon-backed venture with over 50 million subscribers.

Our Work:

We created a consumer-based festival and events division for LivingSocial,
Oversaw event for over 1 million attendees in 30 markets. Led development of strategic corporate partnerships including Red Bull, MillerCoors, and Pepsi.

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